Strategic Plan

September 2016: The Central Ohio Chapter has completed an extensive community survey and is in the process of creating our 2017-2019 Strategic plan.

The results of the 2016 community survey are available here: 



April 2016:  We are proud to report on the results of our 2014-2016 Strategic Plan and,
with your assistance, are preparing to create a new Central Ohio AFP leadership plan for 2017-2019. 


2014-2016 Strategic Plan 

Progress Report - April 2016


Diversity & Inclusion

Goal: To implement a plan that ensures diversity and inclusion is encompassed in all our chapter does and in all of our activities, and to ensure that all in our profession feel welcomed, included and engaged.

Objective 1: Form a D & I Committee. 
  • OUTCOME: A Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed in 2013.
Objective 2: The Chapter should perform a self-assessment to determine current status of D & I efforts.         
  • OUTCOME: The chapter has been recognized with the Friends of Diversity designation from AFP International for its efforts to provide diversity programming and promote diversity and inclusion over the last two years (2014 and 2015).
Objective 3: The Chapter should develop a D & I business plan, and further plans for membership recruitment, educational programming and collaboration of affinity groups.    
  • OUTCOME: The Diversity & Inclusion Committee has planned and hosted several educational programs and events that address issues of diversity, diversity competency and affinity groups, attracting new attendees and guests to have open conversations about these important issues.
  • OUTCOME: Board and Committee Chairs maintain a commitment to incorporate a diversity and inclusion lens when planning for education programming, scholarships, mentorship and leadership recruitment.


Affinity Groups

Goal: Enhance our members’ experience by providing benefits tailored to the chapter’s affinity groups.

Objective 1: Lay organizational groundwork for Affinity program.           
  • OUTCOME: Affinity documentation, policies and procedures, committee descriptions, and charters are all written and filed with our chapter Secretary.
Objective 2: Launch expanded Affinity opportunities and benefits to general membership.             
  • OUTCOME: We currently have three standing affinity groups that each meet monthly: NextGen, Small Shops, and Faith-based. Each group engages in monthly discussions and supports each other between meetings via email.
Objective 3: Monitor impact and success      
  • OUTCOME: All rosters are updated by the Affinity Chairs (and the Affinity Board Chair) and are regularly cross-referenced with AFP membership to measure conversion rates. The NextGen group in particular has effectively engaged with the Ohio State University Collegiate Chapter thus creating a pipeline of members. The members of all affinity groups have self-reported extremely positive feedback on the value that their affinity group brings to their AFP membership.


Chapter Management

Goal: Chapter is effectively governed, efficiently managed, appropriately structured and soundly funded.

Objective 1: Assess Current Chapter Management /Formalize Job Description  
  • OUTCOME: The Chapter Administrator job description has been formalized.
Objective 2: Develop and Implement MOU with Chapter Administrator   
  • OUTCOME:  Pending.
Objective 3: Establish process and timeline for assessment of Chapter Administrator’s performance and responsibilities          
  • OUTCOME: Pending.
Objective 4: Strengthen chapter leadership through recruitment, training, evaluation and education 
  • OUTCOME: The Committee on Directorship has extended the nominations timeline to allow more time for planning and recruitment of effective and diverse leadership for Board and Committee Chair positions.


Marketing and Public Relations

Goal: Market the Central Ohio AFP Chapter as the Premier Fundraising Association in Central Ohio.

Objective 1: Review Structure for Marketing, Communications and Public Relations.     
  • OUTCOME: The AFP Board restructured the Marketing, Communications and PR focus of the board to reside under a VP of Communication. The Marketing & PR committee focused their time and attention on the marketing for the entire chapter and the National Philanthropy Day committee focuses on marketing their event throughout the year.
Objective 2: Focus on Chapter’s website and e-communications.          
  • OUTCOME: The Marketing & PR committee turned their attention in 2014 to focus on social media to increase engagement with the chapter. They re-engaged with the chapter through Facebook increasing followers by over 200% and starting a Twitter feed. The committee’s attention focused on using multiple channels (social media, website and e-mails) to ensure that all prospective and current chapter members were informed about upcoming events, job postings, scholarships and networking opportunities available through the Central Ohio AFP chapter. Additionally, the committee created value added content publicized on these channels so members were receiving the most benefits for their membership even if they could not attend all of the Chapter events throughout the year.


Goal: Chapter will increase the number of active and engaged members.

Objective 1: Ease transition for new members and foster membership engagement to increase membership retention to 80% by 2014 and maintaining retention at 80% in 2015 and 2016.
  • OUTCOME: We ended 2015 with 339 members (5 members up from 1/1/2015). Our 2015 growth rate was 1.69%, with a retention rate of 71.86%. This retention rate is in line with the international association’s membership retention.  While we did not reach the desired 80% in each year, we see this as an opportunity to really connect with our membership in a meaningful way.  Membership in AFP can be a useful tool when transitioning between fundraising jobs, as well as a way to better develop fundraising skills
Objective 2: Take a comprehensive look at scholarship programs.        
  • OUTCOME: We have revamped our new member experience to ease the transition using “New Member Orientations” twice a year.  We also developed comprehensive “First-Year member Program.”  We collaborated with the scholarship committee to help promote and educate members about the opportunities we offer.  We are listening and ready to meet the needs of our membership!


Education Committee

Goal: The Central Ohio AFP chapter will provide high quality programs that meet the needs of its members and have broad appeal.

Objective 1: Establish an online audioconference library of educational materials as a resource generator.
  • OUTCOME: With the re-development of the chapter website, each member can now access our audioconference library. There are over 50 webinars, or audioconferences, on a wide range of topics available to members and available on-demand. Whether a one-person shop or a department of several, there is something for everyone. Among the topics covered include board training, major gifts campaigns, establishing a planned giving program, running a successful annual campaign, using social media to raise money, storytelling, special event execution, and generational giving.
Objective 2: Work with Affinity Groups to provide educational opportunities that appeal to broad range of members.
  • OUTCOME: The Education Committee strives to be responsive to the interests of affinity groups by offering a diverse lunchtime program and after-hours sessions. Additionally, networking pre-luncheon sessions afforded professionals additional opportunities to learn.
Objective 3: Evaluate the feasibility of an all-day education conference.
  • OUTCOME: In lieu of all day conferences, special learning opportunities outside the monthly luncheons were implemented in 2015, including an after-hours Cocktails and Calamities event where seasoned professionals shared their wisdom through small roundtable discussions and a Planning to Plan session for development professionals in supervisory roles. In 2016, a half-day session on the Fundraising Effectiveness Project and the return of the popular Cocktails and Calamities event are planned.
  • OUTCOME: Discussions were held in December 2015 with the Public Policy committee and the return of Advocacy Day (moved to 2017) will offer an additional opportunity to a day-long conference prior to lobbying activities.
Objective 4:  Look at educational committee structure and develop sub-committees to help with segments of education.
  • OUTCOME: The annual planning is done by the larger or entire committee to assure and see the full picture and interconnectedness of meeting the chapter’s educational needs. With 18 individuals signed up to help with this committee, volunteers are working in teams as hosts—for arranging speakers and panelists—and orchestrating the logistics and facility/food for these monthly meetings. Projects, such as Speakers Series, and special or additional education sessions are planned by sub-committees.
Objective 5: Arrange for CFRE certification credits for all educational offerings.
  • OUTCOME: The additional task for applying for CFRE certification was added to the planning process for each presentation. Additionally, descriptions are reviewed to reflect the educational and learning aspects in order to meet expectations and qualify for accreditation. In 2015, all lunch and after-hours sessions submitted have received CFRE certification credits.



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