Audioconferences are a new professional development learning opportunity reintroduced to members in 2014. 

Audioconferences are “on-demand” audio/video programs which allow Central Ohio chapter members to experience learning opportunities at your convenience – home or office.  Use them for your own professional development, or listen to them with your development staff for terrific team-building educational opportunities.

Audioconferences are FREE and available to CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY.

You can access the Audioconfernce library from the “Central Ohio AFP Member Portal” link at the top right of this page.  Access to this area is restricted to current active paid-up AFP members.  Each member has been provided with a unique pre-assigned Central Ohio AFP password. (Good news… your Central Ohio credentials are NOT the same as the confusing long number you have been assigned for the AFP International website.)  Don’t know your Central Ohio AFP password? Click the “Access your password” link from the Portal and your password will be emailed to you.  If you are having access issues please contact us at [email protected].

Examples of some of the programs currently available you are are below, and more are being added monthly so this will become a significant resource library for fundraising professionals.

Program TItle  Presenter Brief Description  
6 Figure Fundraising: How to Create and Run Your First $100,000+ Major Gifts 
Sandy Rees, CFREIf you’re like most people working with a small nonprofit, raising a big chunk of money for a special project, program, or piece of equipment can be a daunting challenge. You may be puzzled about where to start or how to do it. You’re probably scratching your head over who to approach and how much to ask for. And you’re probably wondering exactly what to say to get someone to make a large donation to your organization. Join us for this interactive session to learn exactly what to do to create and run your first really big fundraising campaign. You’ll learn how to plan the campaign, the tools and materials you’ll need, and how to find the best people to ask for a gift. You’ll leave feeling hopeful and more confident about raising big money.
Small Shop Success: Building Something from Nothing – Starting a Well-Rounded Development ProgramAmy Wolfe, MPPA, CFRE Has your organization decided it’s time to “take on fund development”? Are you taking the reigns of a development department with little to no structure? If you find yourself at square one, this webinar is for you! In this session we will explore the critical core elements of a fund development program, how best to establish realistic timelines for implementation, determining what you can handle and where you need help, and how best to set you and your team up for success. 
Building Donor Loyalty: How to Double Your Major Gift RevenueRachel Muir, CFREWhether you have no staff or a 10-person development team, an effective major gift program can bring in more revenue than any other fundraising strategy. A healthy major gift program can bring in 80% of an organizations revenue. The key to success lies in donor retention. Retaining donors is where fundraising profit is made, however organizations lose two out of three donors after the first gift. In a recent study 69% of nonprofits said they do not or don’t know if they have a strategy for maintaining donor loyalty and a whopping 29% admitted they do nothing when a donor lapses. This is costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in value. Why are we losing so many donors? What can we do to prevent it? Come learn the number one reason why donors stop giving, how investing in major gifts pays off, and how to create a donor loyalty strategy now to deepen their your donor’s engagement and increase their giving.
Case Studies: 24 Hour Turn Around CampaignsMichelle Conklin, CFREHas an opportunity presented itself where your organization needed to raise funds today, in 24 hour, or in one week?

This webinar will take you through a series of case studies where one organization, in 24 hours, raised 100% of the funds needed to purchase a building; a small arts organization, in four hours, raised $15,000 to bring a major exhibit to a small rural community. A simple one hour breakfast, a group telethon, an online media campaign – all of them intense, fun, successful and raised the profile and profits of each nonprofit. 

Firing Lousy Board Members – And Helping the Others Succeed Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE 

Yes, your organization should fire non-performing board members. Of course, that means you have to define what is good and not so good. And you need ways to fire them that don’t cause pain – to them or your organization. Join this workshop to learn the secrets to this tricky business.

And please! Do not decide to “just stick it out” till someone’s term expires!

Fundraising BasicsBrian Bonde Fundraising can be overwhelming and sometimes daunting for the first-timer. Fundraising: The Nuts and Bolts, is designed to provide you with the framework for fundraising, along with the tools you need to be successful. Brian Bonde, ACFRE, will share best practices of fundraising basics and answer fundamental questions you have about where to begin on a successful career. This seminar is designed specifically for individuals who are new to the fundraising profession.
Getting Your Organization Onboard with Fundraising: Weaving a Philanthropic Culture Andrea McManus We may be great at cultivating relationships with our donors but are we equally as great at building and nurturing a philanthropic culture top to bottom in our organizations? And if we are not focusing on this then why are we not? If organizational culture reflects the way an organization operates, and if the unique nature of non-profit organizations is a reliance on philanthropy to fulfill their mission, and if fund development is the engine that drives philanthropy – then why do so many organizations fail to understand the value of understanding how a ‘philanthropic’ (not fundraising!) culture is crucial to have woven throughout the organization? Why are we relegating ourselves into that dreadful ‘silo’ and not taking every possible step to increase philanthropic investment in our organization?
Incorporating Stories Into Your Fundraising Leah Eustace, CFRENothing connects us to one another like stories. We teach our children through story. We entertain each other with stories. And yes, we raise a lot of money by being great storytellers. Great fundraisers know the power of great narrative. In this session, Leah will talk about the psychology around giving, and will provide real life examples of great stories in action.
Major Gifts for Small ShopsAmy Eisenstein, ACFRE This session is for executive directors and development staff who want to raise significantly more money for their organizations by making the leap into major gifts fundraising, but haven’t had the courage or know-how. If you are focused on event planning and grant writing, therefore leaving little or no time to focus on your biggest and best donors, this webinar is for you. Most staff members at small and medium sized nonprofits are not effectively soliciting major gifts for their organizations. If you want to start or grow your major gifts program, this session is for you. Whether a major gift for your organization is $1,000 or $100,000, you will learn how ask and receive more major gifts this year. We will discuss the who, what, when, why and where of asking. Participants will learn how to identify good prospects, cultivation techniques, appropriate solicitation language, and stewardship best practices, as well as learn how to get a meeting and deal with “no.”
Millenial Motivation: What Makes Millenials Want To Give S. Michelle Cline The millennial generation is now the largest generation in our nation’s history but we continue to struggle with how to understand them and their needs. What worked with other generations just isn’t working and the amount of giving to non-profits within our economy has remained stagnant. This open and honest discussion will address both the misconceptions and the hype that surround Millennials and their philanthropic goals. 
Opening the Door to Major Gifts: Mastering the Discovery Call John Greenhoe, CFREWhile there are many great resources on the solicitation or “ask,” the knowledge base of the “discovery” call — the very beginnings of the major gift relationship – are quite limited. John Greenhoe, author of the best-selling book “Opening the Door to Major Gifts” (Charity Channel Press, 2013), will delve into this all important topic in this AFP webinar. Using John’s proven methods, participants will learn basic but effective methods for qualifying prospects for the purpose of major gift cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.
Writing a Fabulous Case for Donor SupportTom Ahern In this revealing session, one of North America’s most experienced case writers shares his secrets for properly selling your projects, programs, endowments, initiatives, buildings, renovations, and bright ideas.