Executive Director

  • Full Time
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Salary Range: $75,000 – $80,000 commensurate with experience

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Organization Description
Community Shares of Mid Ohio is a federation of more than sixty local charities that address a wide range of social and environmental issues. Since 1992, Community Shares has grown to support its member charities through workplace giving campaigns to solve a wide range of issues in the community geared toward justice, fairness, and equality. Community Shares of Mid Ohio builds mutually beneficial relationships and secures resources to empower member nonprofits in Central Ohio. Its vision is nonprofits collaboratively creating a more just, caring, and healthy community for all.


In recent years, Community Shares established a social enterprise to further support its activities. In(form)ed offers compliance services for non-profits in a fee-for-service model. In(form)ed builds upon the compliance and fiduciary expertise of Community Shares to assist with filings such as Charitable Solicitations and Certificates of Continued Existence. Additionally, In(form)ed offers fiscal sponsorship for projects that do not have their 501(c)3. With nearly 15 active projects under Community Shares’ sponsorship, this service allows for grassroots initiatives to access grants and donations – furthering Community Shares’ mission and vision.


The Board of Trustees is looking for an applicant that can build upon the progress made in these critical areas for the organization. As a federation, Community Shares exists to support its members. However, traditional workplace campaigns are facing challenges and donor demographics are rapidly changing. The successful candidate will possess skills to leverage members’ wide-ranging impact in the community to tell their story while growing fiscal sponsorship and In(form)ed services to generate awareness and support for Community Shares.


Executive Director Job Description
The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Trustees and works in a very collaborative environment with board members and staff to provide the board with direction and to ensure hands-on implementation of organizational work plans and goals by staff. The Executive Director oversees the operations and overall activities of Community Shares, including the following areas of responsibility:


·       Practices effective leadership and strategic guidance to fulfill Community Shares’ mission, vision and values.

·       Provides support and supervision for all Community Shares staff and contractors.


Board Development
·       In coordination with Board Chair, plans and prepares Board meeting agendas and materials to keep members informed and secure necessary feedback and insight on new initiatives, ongoing challenges, and key organizational strategies.

·       In coordination with Board of Trustees, maintains appropriate number and composition of Board members and consistently maintains diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment of new members.

·       Encourages and supports the Board of Directors to adopt a self-evaluation process.





Organizational Development

In consultation with the Director of Member Services:

·       Works to retain current member organizations and engages in efforts to recruit potential new members; ensures member compliance for campaign participation.

·       Oversees the process of responding to requests for information from potential members

·       Develops regular relevant communication with member organizations.

·       Responsible for knowing pertinent information about member agencies, their work, and nonprofit issues.

·       Oversees trainings, including but not limited to new member agency and board member orientations; best practices and capacity building for members and annual trainings on campaign promotion and documentation.


Campaign development and management:
·       Oversees all new business development efforts to secure workplace campaigns, including documentation of specific workplace efforts, interviews, strategizing, implementing and maintaining workplace relationships.

·       Oversees application processes for Community Shares of Mid Ohio and member organizations for both public and private sector campaigns.


Public Relations:
·       Represents Community Shares at local events to promote the organization and its work.

·       Maintains strong relationships with peers at other area nonprofits, local companies, campaigns, sister organizations and other stakeholders.

·       Oversees the development of promotional materials, brochures, reports, etc.


Financial Management:
·       Forecasting, budgeting, and management of approximately $425,000 annual budget for the organization

·       Ensures organizational finances are in good standing, including budgets, cash flow, income statements, and balance sheets.

·       Grows revenue through fundraising, campaigns, and social enterprise efforts.

·       Evaluates fundraising event viability.

·       Interprets accounting policies and procedures for board members and communicates status on a regular basis.

·       Works in conjunction with the Finance and Audit Committee to provide appropriate oversight and controls, including review and approval of financial reports, audited financial statements and annual IRS form 990 for presentation to the board of trustees.

·       Approves all requests for payment, reimbursement, and receivables. Works closely with the independent contracted staff for bookkeeping and audit management. Oversees timely

financial transactions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, allocation payments and reconciliation entries.

·       Manages the preparation of budgets, narrative, and on-going financial reports for Finance Committee.

·       Directs financial operations and obligations in cooperation with the treasurer and Finance and Audit Committee.

·       Works with Finance and Audit Committee and selected auditor to oversee the timely completion of the annual 990 filing and the completion of audited financial statements.


·       Works with external information technology staff to ensure Community Shares maintains adequate internal technology to conduct standard business practices including internal infrastructure, website and payment platforms.


·       Maintains Community Shares’ compliance with all legal regulations, accounting principles, bylaw adherence, and ethical practices.


Social Enterprise Development
The Executive Director is responsible for the development, implementation, coordination, and promotion of Community Shares’ social enterprise, In(form)ed LLC.

·       Achieves superior growth and market performance through entrepreneurial approaches to implement innovative business concepts.

·       Ensures accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of financial and performance-oriented reports (quantitative and qualitative, financial, and social).

·       Regularly updates and execute the strategic and communications planning processes.

·       Continually identifies areas of strength and weaknesses to improve overall performance.

·       Monitors budgets and expenditures on a continual basis. Approves all requests for payment, reimbursement, and receivables. Works closely with the independent contracted staff for bookkeeping management.

·       Maintains high level of knowledge regarding fiscal sponsorship and nonprofit compliance requirements.

·       Monitors and reports on the microfinance and social enterprise sectors.

·       Consistently monitors rulings and changes in regulations by the Internal Revenue Service, Secretary of State of Ohio, Ohio Attorney General and City of Columbus Charitable divisions.

·       Develops and prepares business plan, briefings, and public relations strategies regarding the social enterprise sector and In(form)ed’s offerings.

·       Represents the organization whenever possible at appropriate relationship building events and training sessions.

·       Works with other social enterprise development organizations (SeaChange, iCAT Catalyst, Social Ventures, Give Back Hack, Philanthropitch and Social Enterprise Partnership) to maintain visibility, alignment, and continual improvement.


Essential Job Functions & Time Allocations

Leadership & Board Duties – 20%

Organizational Development – 20%

Social Enterprise Development – 60%

Total 100%

Position Requirements EXPERIENCE: Nonprofit Management and Compliance


Seasoned Judgment

Driving Execution

Empowers Others

Inspires Trust

Drives (stakeholder)

Success Adaptability

Industry Knowledge

Excellent Communication Skills – written and oral

Coaching Capability

Collaborates Well with Others

Ability to Prioritize Tasks and Meet Competing Deadlines

Budget and Forecasting Experience

Previous or Current Board Service


EDUCATION:    Bachelor’s degree and commensurate level of applicable professional experience


Ability to demonstrate necessary competencies as evidenced by network, nonprofit management background, compliance knowledge, fiscal sponsorship experience, etc.


Salary:                         $75,000 – $80,000 commensurate with experience

Benefits:                     Benefits available include cash wellness benefit to purchase health, dental and vision insurance; retirement plan; paid time off; sick/family leave; holidays (11 per year).


The position is open until filled. Successful candidate will have an anticipated start date of May 1, 2023. To apply for this opportunity, please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] The letter of interest should outline why you are interested in joining Community Shares of Mid Ohio, your relevant experience, and your accomplishments. Please provide two examples of why you would be a strong candidate and the key attributes you would bring to this position.


Community Shares of Mid Ohio is an equal opportunity employer. The organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, class, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by law.

To apply for this job email your details to CommunitySharesSearchCommittee@gmail.com