Member Spotlight: Evan Kleymeyer

Evan Kleymeyer

 Evan Kleymeyer - Photo

Foundation Director

 Ohio Bankers League

 Q:        Tell us a little about your organization. Mission? Population you serve? What do you like most about working there?  

 A:         The Ohio Bankers League (“OBL”) is the trade association for the Ohio banking industry focused on meeting the needs of all banks and thrifts in the Buckeye State. For more than 125 years, the OBL has been the voice of the Ohio banking industry fostering a cooperation that has made it one of the strongest and most reputable financial trade associations in the country. By linking banks, bankers, and industry experts – and by pooling their intellectual and capital resources – the OBL serves as a powerful creator of knowledge and collective resources. The non-profit association is comprised of 200 FDIC-insured financial institutions including commercial banks, savings banks, and savings and loan associations ranging in size from just over $13 million in assets to more than $2.5 trillion.

The Foundation is my favorite part of working at the OBL. Our focus is bringing financial literacy to every school in the state, as well as providing scholarships to college.


Q:        How long have you been an AFP member, and what has your involvement been?

A:         I have been a member of AFP for almost three years. I am the public policy chair on the AFP Board of Directors, as well as a mentee in the AFP mentor program.


Q:        What do you consider the most valuable part of your AFP membership?

A:         I appreciate the network opportunities that AFP provides me. It is incredibly beneficial to have relationships with individuals that I can bounce ideas off of.


Q:        How long have you been in fundraising, and how did you get into it?      

A:         My fundraising career started 5 years ago when I was doing political fundraising for candidates all over the state. I made the switch over to nonprofit fundraising a year and a half ago, and have been loving it ever since.


Q:        What is your favorite part about living/working in Columbus? Favorite Restaurant?

A:         Columbus, in my humble opinion, is the perfect city. (Ok, it could be a little warmer.) There is so much to do, however it is not as much of a hassle as a larger city. You can get anywhere in 20 minutes.  I am a huge fan of anything Cameron Mitchell, number one probably being Marcella’s.


Q:        Tell us a fun fact about you that other AFP members wouldn’t know.

A:         I enjoy running and at the end of this month will be running my third half marathon.

Posted May 2016