Member Spotlight: Marcus J. Fish, CFRE

Marcus J. Fish, CFRE
Marcus Fish Photo

Development Director

The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation

   Q:           Tell us a little about your organization. Mission? Population you serve? What do you like most about working there?       

   A:           Our Foundation was started in 2014 by The American Ceramic Society.  Our goal is to attract, inspire, and train the next generation of    ceramic and glass technicians, engineers, and researchers.  We have a tremendous staff and members who are dedicated to the scientific and    artistic uses of ceramic and glass materials.

   Q:           How long have you been an AFP member, and what has your involvement been?

   A:           I’ve been a member for one year. I joined AFP after moving to Columbus to work with the CGIF.   So far, I have taken the CFRE prep class and recently passed the exam.  I was a member of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning and the Pittsburgh Planned Giving Council for 9 years prior to moving to Columbus.

Q:           What do you consider the most valuable part of your AFP membership?

A:           Networking and learning opportunities offered throughout the year.

Q:           How long have you been in fundraising, and how did you get into it?      

A:           Ten years.  Like many fundraisers, I stumbled into the profession.  I worked as a financial advisor for several years which prepared me well for making the transition to planned giving and fundraising.

Q:           What is your favorite part about living/working in Columbus? Favorite Restaurant?

A:           Columbus is a great place to live and raise a family.  Everything we need and want is just a short drive away.  We recently had a great meal at The Table on E. 5th.

Q:           Tell us a fun fact about you that other AFP members wouldn’t know.

A:           I love barbeque ribs.  I have tried them all over the country and my favorite spot is Pappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis.

Posted: January 2016