Dealing with Difficult Donors

8:30-9:45 am

Sometimes our beloved constituents say and do things that are not so lovely. How do you handle the prospective donor who makes an offensive comment not-so-under-their-breath at an event? How do you respond when you walk into a long-time donor’s office and see a symbol of hate that gives you cold chills? Join Sue Frost, Assistant Vice President for Development and Steph Mizer, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at The Ohio State University as they share best practices for dealing with difficult situations and conversations with donors.

We will discuss how to be equipped to handle difficult situations both in the moment and after the fact and how non-profit leaders can provide supportive, inclusive work environments for development professionals facing these situations. This presentation will give guidance on how to deal with difficult donors with an ethical approach to fundraising & donor engagement – keeping the Fundraising Code of Ethics front of mind.

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