What to do with EQ

Tuesday, June 8

12:00 – 1:15 pm

What to do with EQ

Presented by Kay Wilson

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Understand and increase your emotional intelligence and learn how to use EQ to accelerate development results by joining us for a session of What2Do EQ Workshop. This workshop is designed with rigorous skill-building exercises to increase your EQ skills: Self-awareness, Self-regard, Self-control, Social Perception, and Social Effectiveness. This highly interactive workshop provides executives and managers with the tools they need to create a psychologically safe zone within their organization. You will have the opportunity to: Accurately measure your 5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills and 25 EQ dimensions Recognize the Emotional Intelligence principles that make employees passionate and engaged Learn practical strategies that develop muscle memory for sustained behavioral change and business impact Measure your team’s level of trust. Help your leadership build a zone of workplace psychological safety which has been found by many studies to increase creativity, innovation, energy, accuracy, and retention within your organization. Research has shown that workplace trust (what some call Psychological Safety) is the number-one factor that enables teams to accelerate fundraising objectives. Everyone on the team has ownership over a team’s culture of trust. This workshop will help set understanding of the emotional intelligence needed to create a psychologically safe zone where people can: • Discuss Ideas • Experiment • Take Risks • Give Feedback • Learn from Mistakes

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