National Philanthropy Day Chair-Elect & Sponsorships

Position Title: National Philanthropy Day Committee Chair-Elect & Sponsorships

Capacity: Board member

Reports to: VP of Communications

Key Responsibilities:

●              Works with current NPD Committee Chair to support them in their role as event lead, participating in all of the same facets of planning, with the intention of providing continuity and superb leadership when the chair elect takes the lead one year later.

●              Participate in regularly scheduled Committee meetings.

●              Monitor the work of volunteers to ensure timely completion of assignments.

●              Monitor the chair’s detailed timeline and calendar for all related NPD activities.

●              Serves on the NPD Nominations Committee and the Sponsorship Committee.

●              Seeks information on NPD best practices from IHQ.

●              Adheres to policies and board member responsibilities adopted by the board.

●              Upon leaving office, transfers all records in current condition to the successor.