Position Title: President

Capacity: Executive Committee

Reports to: n/a

Key Responsibilities:
• Chairs Executive Committee and Board of Directors
• Presides at Chapter and Board meetings
• Coordinates the work of Executive Committee, who in turn supervises the committee chairs
• Oversees the Chapter budget
• Ensures timely communications regarding relevant Chapter issues to Board and membership
• Oversees the work of the Chapter Administrator
• Coordinates the Board’s annual evaluation process of the Chapter Administrator and Board
• Promotes AFP through community presentations and participates in community activities on behalf of the Chapter
• Coordinates and leads the Chapter Board retreat and strategic plan update with assistance of the Chapter Administrator and (optional) retreat facilitator
• Works with the Chapter Administrator to submit Chapter Accord and Report of Chapter Activities to AFP Global by deadline as required by the Chapter Ten Star and Ten Star Gold award criteria
• Participates in AFP Global led conference calls for Chapter Presidents
• Reports activities and news from AFP Global to Board and membership as necessary
• Adheres to policies and Board responsibilities as adopted by the Board of Directors
• Upon leaving office, transfers all records to successor