Consultants Directory Chair

Position Title: Consultants Directory Chair

Capacity: Board member

Reports to: Treasurer

Key Responsibilities:

●              Organizes and chairs regularly­scheduled Committee meetings.

●              Recruits and enlists volunteer committee members; monitors the work of volunteers to ensure timely completion of assignments.

●              With Treasurer, develops revenue goals and strategies to reach those goals.

●              Processes requests from organizations that wish to post jobs and/or purchase ads in the Consultants and Resources Directory on the chapter web site.

●              Coordinates processing of web­site postings for directory ads with Chapter Administrator.

●              Manages timely communications with and Directory advertisers regarding invoices, confirmation of postings, posting deadlines, etc.

●              Markets Directory opportunities through the chapter website, newsletter, at monthly meetings, and through targeted email promotions.

●              Develops and submits a budget to the treasurer within designated deadlines; monitors committee income and expenditures.

●              Provides timely and up­to­date content to Chapter Administrator for committee web pages on chapter web site.

●              Works to successfully achieve goals outlined in 2011­2013 Chapter Strategic Plan.

●              Celebrates success; ensure that the celebration of success includes expressions of gratitude to volunteers.

●              Adheres to policies and board member responsibilities adopted by the board.

●              Upon leaving office, transfers all records in current condition to the successor.