Member Spotlight: Kay Wilson


Kay Wilson

Executive Director

LeaderSpark Inc.


Q:        Tell us a little about your organization. Mission? Population you serve? What do you like most about working there?  

MISSION:  LeaderSpark ignites the power of youth leadership by providing practical leadership skills through a proven curriculum, training and coaching/mentor support.

VISION: LeaderSpark as a leader in Central Ohio’s collective impact initiative for youth; while delivering premier curriculum, coaching and programs for developing a diverse group of young leaders who have a positive impact on their communities.  

WHO DO WE SERVE:  LeaderSpark serves young people ages 14-24 in greater Franklin County, living in low-resource environments & whose circumstances create risk of ‘lower-life’ opportunities.

A:         I jump out of bed each morning with a goal to be the type of person I needed when I was a teenager. 


Q:        How long have you been an AFP member, what’s been your past involvement and tell us more about your current roles?

A: I have been a member of AFP for nearly 4 years.  My current role is as the Chair of the D & I Committee.  Our committee’s goal is focused on developing programing, and resources for members of AFP and the fundraising community to promote inclusion and diversity as a strategic component in individual and organizational success.          


Q:        What do you consider the most valuable part of your AFP membership?

A:         I seem to juggle work life harmony, so the most valuable part of my membership are the online tools and videos of various luncheons and best practices. 


Q:        What changes to do see happening in the Central Ohio fundraising community?  

A:         I see the value of fundraising teams elevating.  I see Presidents and CEOs becoming engaged in the process.  I also see organization realizing the need to build a pipeline of fundraising talent.  


Q:        What is your favorite part about living/working in Columbus? Favorite place to take a donor?

A:         I enjoy the growing diversity of our city, it elevates the landscape in art, dining, events, mindset.  MY favorite place to take a donor is to The Kitchen, where we have had some of our youth work along side of them to ‘prepare’ food.


Q:        Tell us a fun fact about you that other AFP members wouldn’t know.

A:         I played the bass throughout middle and High School- I dreamt of being in an all girl band, the Go-Gos and Beyonce’ beat me to it. 


Posted June 2017