Public Policy

To help our members become better prepared and informed, the Public Policy committee for the AFP-Central Ohio chapter has created a color-coded messaging system for email communication to quickly notify members of local, state and national issues if the information warrants:

Red Alert  —  Immediate action is needed/highly important issues

Yellow Alert  —  Alert of new or pending rule/law or prevalent issues

Green Alert  —  General information

Our goal is not to determine chapter action or to take a stance on an issue, rather to provide a method and system helps you navigate through the variety of issues and information and act accordingly for your nonprofit.

Nonprofit News 

Five Training Opportunities for Charities available from the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section


The Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section provides in-person training on multiple topics and hosts monthly webinars.

In-person trainings, available by request, include:

Available webinars include:

To inquire about the trainings of the Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section, send an email to  

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office also provides trainings on a variety of other topics. Some presentations, such as those covering consumer protection, crime victims’ issues, and small business matters, could be useful for charitable organizations, depending on their constituents and partners.

For information about any of the Ohio Attorney General’s training opportunities, or contact the Attorney General’s Help Center at 800-282-0510. 


Information provided by Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section

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