Mentorship Chair

Position Title: Mentorship Chair

Capacity: Board Member

Reports to: Vice President of Professional Development

Key Responsibilities:

  • Organizes and chairs Committee meetings
  • Recruits and enlists committee members; monitors the work of volunteers to ensure timely completion of assignments
  • Provides Chapter members the opportunity to be a mentee for a one-year commitment focused on one-on-one relationship with a more experienced development professional
  • Program will enhance mentee skills and knowledge as development professionals as well as be an enriching experience for the mentors
  • With Volunteer Coordinator, track Committee involvement of all mentees
  • Recruits qualified mentors and eligible mentees to participate in the program
  • Reviews and modifies, as needed, application and evaluation forms
  • Communicates requirements of mentor/mentee relationship including length of pairing, number of meetings and goals/objectives
  • Regularly communicates with and serves as an advisor to mentors and mentees to facilitate successful pairings
  • With Vice President of Membership and Marketing Chair, promotes the mentoring program to Chapter membership
  • Develops and submits a budget to the Treasurer by designated deadline; monitors committee income and expenditures
  • Provides timely and up-to-date content to Chapter Administrator and Marketing Chair for website and digital publications
  • Works to successfully achieve goals outlined in Chapter Strategic Plan
  • Identifies successor to chair position
  • Celebrates success; ensures that celebration includes expressions of gratitude to volunteers
  • Adheres to policies and Board responsibilities as adopted by the Board of Directors
  • Upon leaving office, transfers all records to successor