Position Title: Treasurer

Capacity: Executive Committee

Reports to: President

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serves on the Executive Committee
  • Chairs Finance Committee
  • Coordinates the work of Chairs of External Resources, Sponsorships, Be The Cause and Scholarships
  • Convenes meetings with these committee chairs and eports on committee activities to the Executive Committee
  • Attends monthly Board meetings and gives financial report
  • Monitors and evaluates performance of Chapter’s accountant and recommends changes to the Board and Executive Committee
  • Responsible for writing checks, creating and distributing invoices, and making deposits
  • Verifies monthly financial reports generated by the Chapter accountant
  • Prior to Board meetings, reviews monthly balance sheet and income statements and reconciles with bank statement with deposits/withdrawals
  • Works with the President to provide budget oversight
  • Submits annual budget to Board by designated deadline
  • Works with the Chapter’s accountant to prepare IRS Form 990
  • Works with Chapter’s accountant to prepare 1099s for Chapter’s contract employees
  • Oversees investment funds
  • Works to successfully achieve goals outlined in Chapter Strategic Plan
  • Celebrates success; ensures that celebration includes expressions of gratitude to volunteers
  • Adheres to policies and Board responsibilities as adopted by the Board of Directors
  • Upon leaving office, transfers all records to successor