Testimonial – Shelley Frank

As a new member of AFP the benefits of joining are endless! Since joining in August of 2012 I have attended over a dozen lunches and events with various influential speakers. These speakers have allowed me to gain insights and ideas into what it takes to be a GREAT fundraiser. I also was able to take the Fundamentals of Fundraising Course this past August and I received a scholarship for this course, which was extra helpful! This course was packed full of great information for new-to-the-field professionals. It was especially nice because AFP made it so there weren’t too many folks in the class to make it overwhelming. It was interactive and the information I learned I brought to my colleagues, which taught them new ideas! Finally, I have had countless mentoring experiences in AFP. Each lunch, speaker session, or training that I attend is full of professionals from all over the Central Ohio non-profit community. Through conversations with these folks I have been able to truly learn what it is I want to do with my career and it has solidified the fact that the non-profit world is where I am meant to be!